Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CPM Scheduling?

A: CPM stands for Critical Path Method. A project is broken into activities that are linked together in a network that represents the logical thinking of the person responsible for performing a project. It can be used to measure progress evaluate options and calculate time. 


Q: Is a CPM Schedule the same as a Gantt bar chart?

A: Similar in appearence but different in function. Bar Charts are based on static dates. CPM schedules are dynamic time machines based on logic.  They are as different as a portrait and a living person.


Q:What is the critical path?  

A: The longest sequence of activities. A delay to any activity on the critical path causes a continous ripple that delays the completion of the project
Q: Were do you work?

A: Forward has successfully completed projects on five continents from offices located in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Jacksonville, Washington DC, and the Republic of Panama.


Q: Which scheduling software do you use?

A:Forward uses whatever software is required for the project. Although Forward wrote one the first CPM scheduling programs, we hold licenses for most commercial schedule software (IE P6, P3, Suretrak, MSProject,  Open Plan,  Time Machine.)


Q: Why is the early start later than the late start?

A: These unfortunate labels cause of a lot of confusion.  It would be better to call "early dates" PROJECTED DATES and "late dates" REQUIRED DATES. When a project falls behind, the projected dates are later than the required dates.


Q:  What is float?

A: Float is the amount of scheduling freedom built into the schedule logic. An activity with float, when delayed, will not affect the final completion of the entire project.


Q: Who owns float?

A: Although lawyers have attempted to write specifications that claim float, the courts have not yet decided this issue.  The simple fact is that float in the real world my not be the same as float in the paper world and cyber space.    

Your Scheduling Experts

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Forward Associates are specialists in CPM / NAS schedules for construction contracts.


A well thought-out baseline schedule is a road map to success on your project. Well maintained progress schedules avoid potential delays and help resolve unforseen problems. Forward Associates helps architects, owners and contractors to use schedules to their greatest benefit.


We are recognized experts with Optimzation of Resources, Risk Analysis, Recovery Schedules, Time Impact Analysis (TIA) & As-Built Delay Analysis. Our associates have extensive experience with Primavera P3, Oracle P6, SureTrak, COE's SDEF, AMS Time Machine, Microsoft Project and Open Plan.


Forward Associates' experience, aquired in scheduling over 5,000 projects during the past forty-five years, can improve your chances for equitable contract adjustment and help avoid delay damages.  To save time and improve risks while preparing your own CPM, Forward is available to assist in setting up the initial schedule.

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