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Company History

Forward Associates Ltd. was started in 1965 to provide consulting services to the construction industry. Having successfullly completed over five thousand contracts, Forward is widely recognized as a leader in construction scheduling.

Over the years, Forward has consistently been on the cutting edge of innovation. Forward was the first to design scheduling software that took full advantage of this method of scheduling. Features such as "RETAINED LOGIC" improved scheduling utility and accuracy by allowing work to be performed out of sequence without damaging the schedule. Many of the fundamental components of today's scheduling software are descendants of Forward Associates' early software innovations. Forward advised Primavera and AMS Time Machine added the "INTERUPTIBLE DURATION" calculation option. This gives preference to logic over estimated duration. Without this feature reduced durations can add time to the schedule, while added durations can cause the schedule to finish earlier.

Since 1981 Forward Associate's headquarters have been in San Francisco, California. Offices  have also been established in Alaska, Texas, Washington D.C., Florida, and the Republic of Panama.



Donald Scarbrough - President

Since graduating from California State University with a BS in Business and Industrial Management Mr. Scarbrough has scheduled virtually every type of construction and Engineering project throughout the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Austrailia, the USSR and Europe.

As an instructor at the University of California Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies, Mr. Scarbrough taught courses in Construction Project Management, Claims Avoidance, and Construction Scheduling.  Courses were also given through the American Society of Civil Engineers, the International Association of Defense Counsels, the University of Washington, and Cal Trans in Los Angeles, San Jose and Sacramento.


Judy Scarbrough - Manager

Judy has managed the Dallas and San Francisco offices of Forward Associates since 1967. She has been part owner since 2009.  Mrs Scarbrough studied Education at University of North Florida and Psychology at Dominican University 


Donna McCornack - Secretary

Since 2001 Donna has developed and managed our general office systems, correspondence and purchasing.


Nancy Welch – Sr Analyst

Nancy has worked for Forward Associates since 1982. She studied Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

Your Scheduling Experts

  • CPM Scheduling
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  • Expert Witness


Forward Associates are specialists in CPM / NAS schedules for construction contracts.


A well thought-out baseline schedule is a road map to success on your project. Well maintained progress schedules avoid potential delays and help resolve unforseen problems. Forward Associates helps architects, owners and contractors to use schedules to their greatest benefit.


We are recognized experts with Optimzation of Resources, Risk Analysis, Recovery Schedules, Time Impact Analysis (TIA) & As-Built Delay Analysis. Our associates have extensive experience with Primavera P3, Oracle P6, SureTrak, COE's SDEF, AMS Time Machine, Microsoft Project and Open Plan.


Forward Associates' experience, aquired in scheduling over 5,000 projects during the past forty-five years, can improve your chances for equitable contract adjustment and help avoid delay damages.  To save time and improve risks while preparing your own CPM, Forward is available to assist in setting up the initial schedule.

Consultants to the Construction Industry Since 1967.

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